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Gwen/Toshiko. Torchwood. Screaming Inside...



Title: - Screaming Inside…
Author: - Allie Summers.
Disclaimer: - Not Mine.
Description: - Gwen struggles to get past Jack’s brutality … Toshiko seeks a gentler approach when Jack shouts at her…

Gwen swallowed and tried to ignore the pain in Toshiko’s eyes, she looked away and wiped her eyes, deep brown fighting to stay clean and not cloud over, she tucked hair behind her ear, wiping her fringe out of her face. She looked back at Toshiko, seeming to be wondering what to do…

Toshiko solved the problem, starting to sob, her brown eyes full of hurt and pain, her brown hair messed, she stumbled forward, looking like she was about to collapse…

Gwen was fastest to move, catching Toshiko and pulling her close, making sure to keep her upright, murmuring a soft “It’s ok…I got you…” she could feel Toshiko shaking, crying into her shoulder, clinging tightly to her… She looked up, glaring at the men and Jack… The others looked away and Jack growled out his orders… leaving Gwen to handle Toshiko… Gwen looked down at Toshiko, kissing her forehead softly. “It’s ok… he didn’t mean it…”

“Yes her did, it’s usual… at least I got you now…”

“Yes, yes you do…” Gwen smiled.

-The End –
Tags: fic

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