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Gwen/Tosh (and others). Torchwood. Maybe This Time...


Gwen/Anni, Tosh/Dilys, Dilys/Gwen, Anni/Tosh, Gwen/Tosh, Anni/Dilys.

Title: - Maybe This Time…
Author: - Allie Summers.
Disclaimer: - Not mine. I only own Anni and Dilys.
Description: - Jack decides to add two new girls to his team, little does he know what chaos the girls cause within the group… Overall Gwen/Tosh & Anni/Dilys.

“Anni wait…” Dilys called, hurrying after her taller friend, her blue eyes sparkling with laughter as she caught up. She smoothed her blonde hair back out of her face and looked up at Anni. “You’re keen ain’t you?”

“Of course I am Dilys…” Anni grinned. “I heard tell the girls at Torchwood are free… I plan on changing that… or at least having some fun…” Her brown eyes shone with laughter and she flicked her brown/blonde hair back. “C’mon… we’re late…”

The doors swung open as Anni pushed and she and Dilys headed inside. Anni smirked. “Hey Jacky…” she called, crossing to Jack instantly, ignoring Dilys look of surprise. “How you doing?”

“Pretty good Anni girl… You ready to meet you’re co-workers…” Jack asked, smirking as Anni signalled Dilys over.

“Pretty much… Jack… this is Dilys… my co-worker, the other girl you asked about?”

“She any good?”

“Very.” Anni smirked. “Trust me on that…”

“Good… well, I’ve put you two with some of the members of our team so you’ll learnt he ropes… HEY, GUYS…” Jack called, waiting for the other team-members to gather. “Anni, Dilys… this is Ianto Jones, Owen Harper, Toshiko Sato and of course, Gwen Cooper…”

The men dipped their heads but both Gwen and Tosh smiled shyly.

“Gwen, I’m going to send Anni with you ok?”

“Sure…” Gwen smiled. “Follow me…” Anni smiled and followed her, watching Tosh’s face as she twigged who she’d be working with and laughing.

“Tosh seems to like Dilys already…”

“Hmm… well, I’m sure the feeling is mutual…” Gwen sounded vaguely angry and Anni smirked slightly, instinctively wrapping an arm around Gwen’s shoulders.

“Not feeling left out are we?” She asked lightly. “Cause I’m sure we’ll have fun…”

Gwen paused, looking at Anni who smirked.

“So? Got anywhere private we can go?”

Gwen smirked, taking Anni’s hand and leading her on, quickening her pace.

Dilys had noted Gwen’s moves and then returned her attention to Tosh and Jack. Jack smiled, shoving Tosh forward a little. “Toshiko… you get Dilys…”

“Great…” Toshiko murmured dryly.

“Ah come on…” Dilys smiled. “We’ll get on just fine…” She leant to whisper something to Tosh, watching as she smirked. “C’mon… show me around will you?”

Toshiko grinned and dragged her off.

Owen glanced at Jack and smirked. “Have you got any idea what you just started off here?”

Jack shook his head. “I DON’T want to know…”

Owen laughed and walked off.

Anni had soon moved in on Gwen, sensing the girl’s nerves. “Easy Gwen… it’s not like I’m going to hurt you…” she smiled softly, stroking the girl’s dark hair back, smoothing a hand over Gwen’s cheek, wiping off the tears before kissing her softly. “Ok? Relax… we don’t have to do anything more…”

Tosh had been the one to make the first move on Dilys, who seemed shocked and pulled away, glancing at Tosh. “I thought you liked Gwen?” Tosh blushed and she laughed scornfully. “Whatever…” She left, heading off to find a quiet corner to think… Gwen had passed her a few moments ago and now she followed her…

Anni rushed after Gwen, pausing as she heard a hiccupping crying from Tosh’s desk area, turning to take in the tearful girl. “Hey… don’t cry…” She moved back towards Tosh, kissing her firmly. “It’s your life… not hers…” Tosh had pulled back this time and Anni smirked. “Go find your girl…”

Dilys moved toward Gwen, resting a light hand on Gwen’s shoulder. “Hey misery… what’s wrong?” Gwen just looked at her and Dilys sighed. “I know… Anni does that to me… you know she wants you… don’t you?” Gwen shook her head and Dilys laughed, kissing her softly. “She does… now go… and don’t be afraid… I’m sure she’ll accept you…”

She watched as Gwen skittered away as Anni passed and drew closer. “Hey Anni… you ok?” Anni sighed and shook her head, Dilys grinned. “Oh well… you still have me girl… you always will…” Anni smiled and kissed her, finally feeling accepted as Dilys drew her closer.

Gwen had stumbled a little way after passing Anni, tears were coming to her eyes now and she seemed to be shivering. She didn’t look up as someone pulled her closer. She only looked up when she felt lips press against her forehead softly. “Tosh?” She looked stunned, then smiled, accepting the firm, needy kiss Tosh gave her, pulling Tosh closer, kissing her back again, firmly. “You’re so perfect…” she murmured, feeling Tosh shiver slightly. “C’mon… let’s get home…”

-The End –
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