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Torchwood. Gwen/Toshiko. H/C: Injured. Thank God For You...




Challenge 1: Injured.

Title: - Thank god for you…
Author: - Allie Summers.
Disclaimer: - Not Mine.
Description: - Gwen’s hurt in a fight with a weevil… can Tosh help her?

“Would you stay still?” Tosh remarked lightly, pushing Gwen back into her seat, forcibly holding her down as she gently cleaned the wound. “You got lucky… it’s barely a scratch…” She smiled slightly at Gwen’s disgruntled look. Her brown eyes shone as she flicked her brown hair back. “What?”

“Why do you only bother about me?” Gwen asked simply, brown eyes fixed on Tosh’s face, her brown-black hair shining under the lights. She noticed Tosh’s smile fade slightly and murmured a soft “Just trust me…”

Tosh smiled slightly. “I… I only care FOR you… not for the… guys.”

Gwen noticed Tosh look down and caught her chin. “Good… I feel the same.”

-The End –
Tags: fic

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