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Torchwood. Tosh/Gwen. Make The World Go Away....



Title: - Make the world go away…
Author: - Allie Summers.
Disclaimer: - Not Mine, but I wish they were.
Description: - Follows on from “Both ends of the candle burned by the flame.” The hangover from hell… who hasn’t been there?

Toshiko smirked as she watched the bedraggled Gwen attempt to sit up, then give up with a soft whimper. “I give up… it hurts way too much… what the hell did Jack give us to drink?” Gwen squinted and looked at Toshiko, who laughed softly.

“Nothing unusual… you just drank too much… again.” She smiled softly, stroking Gwen’s fringe off her face, looking down into bloodshot brown eyes that seemed to be fighting to stay open… suddenly Gwen stood and bolted for the bathroom, barely making it. Tosh followed quickly, scooping Gwen’s hair back. “Let it out…” She could tell Gwen was crying, shivering. She rubbed Gwen’s back, hearing her retch again. Soon enough Gwen stood, shakily, and made her way back to the bedroom, she grabbed a pillow, curling into an uncomfortable, shivering, ball. She was still crying and Tosh sighed softly, stroking her back lightly, comfortingly. “It’ll be ok…”

-The End –
Tags: fic

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