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Fic: Experimenting

Title: Experimenting
Pairing: Gwen/Toshiko
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Femslash
Summary: Gwen and Tosh go out for the night.
Disclaimer: Not mine, BBCs
A/N: This was betaed by </a></font></b></a>ohmygod27
As Gwen approached Tosh, she was suddenly nervous about asking her colleague if she wanted to go for a drink
“Tosh, would you like to go for a drink tonight?” She finally asked, after hanging around Tosh for the last ten minutes.
“Umm, yeah, sure.” Tosh answered. “I just have some work to do first, you don’t mind, do you?”
“What is it you have to do then?” Gwen asked.
“It’s a translation program, but it’s already running, so I have to be here when it finishes so I can sort it out.”
“How long will that take?” Gwen asked.
“About an hour and a half, give or take how hard the translation is” Tosh told her, going back to the translation she was getting the computer to figure out. Gwen decided she would do an Owen for the next hour and a half, and surf the net.
She didn’t notice when Tosh came up to her, when the other woman touched her on the shoulder, she jumped a mile. “Shall we go now?” Gwen asked softly.
“My translation program has finished so, yeah, we can go now.” Tosh told her.
As they walked out of the hub, they said goodbye to anyone who would still be there at ten forty-five at night. They walked to Evolution, a nightclub Gwen used to go to, when she and Rhys went on dates. As they entered Evolution, Gwen went to get a seat at a small table to the side of the dance floor, while Tosh went to get the drinks, Gwen thought she would ask Tosh about Mary. She started thinking about what her mate had said, her friend had mentioned things about doing it with a girl, Gwen found herself thinking about her colleague naked. When Tosh came back with their drinks, Gwen just took hers and was drinking it as fast as she could, while Tosh sipped at hers.
Gwen finally asked the other woman if they could go back to hers for a coffee and a chat. As the two women got to Toshikos house, Tosh ordered a pizza from the local pizza place, while they waited for the pizza she made some coffee.
“You can sit down on the sofa if you want and the TV won't bite, if you put it on.” Tosh told Gwen, she sat down and patted the seat next her while cradling her coffee in her slightly shaking hands. As the other woman sat down, Gwen nudged a little bit closer and asked Tosh to tell her what it was like to have sex with another woman. Tosh seemed only a little bit shy as she told Gwen about how you can suck a woman’s nipple and make her squirm, or how you can put your hand on a woman’s clit and rub gently, or how you can lick a woman’s pussy, and stick your tongue in her cunt. As Tosh told Gwen these things, it made her clit throb so much and she was starting to get slightly wet down below. She wanted to do these things and find out what it was like to have another woman touch her, where only a man has.
“What was your first experience with a woman like?” Gwen asked, when Tosh had finished talking.
The other woman answered, after remembering her first time with a woman, “It was very sensual, gentle and romantic, I think woman are better than men, because they know what to do and what to touch. Why?”
“I was wondering, as a friend mentioned it and I thought you might help.” Gwen said to her now empty coffee mug, but looked up in time to see Tosh blush and say;
“Only if you wanted to and that your sure about it.”
“Yes I am.” Gwen said, her voice dipping down to a whisper.
“Are you sure your…” Tosh was cut off as the other woman started kissing her softly on the lips, cutting off any words she was about to say. Tosh moved from sitting beside her, to kneeling between her legs on the floor; she kissed her on the mouth, running her tongue over her lips and deepening the kiss, while her hands started running through her hair, and down her arms, Gwen gave a little shudder at the touch, Tosh looked at her and said;
“Are you ok? Are you sure?”
But all she got as a reply was a nod and a smile, Tosh took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom, she leaves Gwen for a second to put some soft music on. Tosh looks Gwen straight in the eye as she started to undo her blouse, softly kissing Gwen as she goes along. Gwen's skin feels very soft and silky, as she moves her hands over the flesh she has uncovered. Tosh moves a bit, as Gwen started to take her top off, while kissing Tosh's neck and nibbling at her ears, the other woman gives a slight moan at this. Gwen moves Tosh back so that they are both on the bed, then they both remove the rest of the clothes they are wearing.
Tosh moved over Gwen, so that the other woman was laid on her back, and Tosh started to put soft kisses over her colleague's body, taking care when she was kissing her neck, 'cause when done right, it can be a very sensual thing. She cupped Gwens breasts in her hand and her tongue moved across her nipple, as she did that, her thumb brushed against the other one till her nipples were erect.
Tosh took hold of Gwens hand and placed it down on her pussy, to show her how wet she was making her. The other woman just smiled, as her thumb brushed against Toshiko’s clit, it was throbbing and she was so moist, Tosh moaned as it was sending shock waves through her body. Tosh then moved Gwens hand away as it was Gwen, who wanted to find out what it was like to be with another female.
She moved down the other woman's body, first by kissing her and deepening it, while her hands moved up and down Gwen’s body, her tongue brushed against her nipple, while her other thumb and finger was on her other nipple. Tosh put tiny butterfly kisses along her arms and down her stomach, by this time Gwen was moaning and moving in such a way, it encouraged Tosh to carry on, she got to Gwen's pussy, her thumb brushed against her clit and her tongue slid over, she was so moist and tasted so good. Tosh slid two fingers inside the other woman, while her thumb was on Gwen’s clit her fingers were moving in a rhythm.
Gwen was moving in time to Toshiko’s fingers, she knew she was going to come, as she was feeling something she had never felt before, it was so intense a pleasure. Afterwards, all she could say was, thank you.

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