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Title: Kissing
Author: [info - personal] fajrdrako
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Gwen/Tosh
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, no claims, all property of the BBC.
Notes: Femslash. A response to apiphile's PANFANDOM KISSING FIC MEME challenge. Apologies to anyone who has already read it there; I wanted to repost it here on my own site. Cross-posted to my Dreamwidth account, my LJ, and gwentoshiko.


It was Gwen's fault, all Gwen's fault. She had to push it, she had to find out how Tosh's lips tasted, she had to see if Tosh would push her away or blush shyly, or accept the kiss with gentle grace.

So Gwen kissed Toshiko, but she had misjudged.

Tosh was not angry or shy or accepting. Toshiko Sato was a tornado waiting to happen, a volcano about to erupt. Tosh pushed Gwen against the tile wall, hands on wrists, body to body, her kiss an irresistible force. Gwen surrendered to it, her knees weak, her heart pounding, her breath quickening.

This was what she had wanted all along, hardly realizing it, never admitting it. Oh God, she was trembling.

Tosh released her, stepped back. She smiled slightly. "Well?"

"Kiss me again," said Gwen, and her voice wavered.

For a second, Tosh didn't move.

Gwen whispered, "Please!"

So Tosh obliged. Again. And then again.


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